When you google the definition of charming the result you get is "pleasant or attractive." I wouldn't disagree with that adjective being used in our town.

TravelMag.com has put Sioux Falls on their list of the top 30 most charming cities in the country. Their reasons for it are the things you would imagine a blogger who hasn't actually visited the city would say.

The eponymous waterfalls of Sioux Falls take center stage in South Dakota’s most populous city. Today, Sioux Falls is a great destination for families, thanks to sights like the Butterfly House and Aquarium, and the Great Plains Zoo and Museum of Natural History. For outdoors enthusiasts, the Sioux Falls Bike Trail follows a 19-mile loop along the course of the Big Sioux River through Downtown and beyond.

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The reasons Travel Mag gives for people traveling to visit our little, they leave out some of them even more charming features in the city.

Sioux Falls has one of the greatest collections of mobile potholes of any city in America. As soon as street crews fill one in, another one appears in its place.

Our people are so versatile. Visitors would definitely notice that people here are very friendly and helpful. But when our people get behind the wheel of their vehicle, friendly accommodation turns to petty competitiveness.

Another thing the writers of TravelMag.com can't get from websites, photos, and videos of Falls Park, is the aroma of the park whenever the wind is out of the north or northeast, blown past the Smithfield plant. It really is charming.

Of course, I'm joking. I love this town, warts and all. But I wonder if they visited on a super hot and muggy Saturday morning during the Falls Park Farmers Market, and the wind was blowing gently toward the southwest, I wonder if we still would have made the list? Probably. Maybe. Depends on if they encountered someone who stayed stopped at a green light because they were looking at their phone.

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