You know how they say that humor is the best medicine? Here is an example of just that.

Around 4:20 Wednesday morning, Williquors Liquor Superstore on 3625 W Avera Drive in Sioux Falls was robbed of $22,000 of liquor.

Robbers broke the glass on the front doors, went inside, and stole seven bottles of 'high-end' spirits. Sioux Falls police suspect the criminals knew specifically what they were going after when they planned the break-in. The SFPD is reviewing surveillance footage of the robbery.

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If you've ever had anything stolen from you, you know how devastating that can be. So you've really got to appreciate the humor that Williquors shared on their social media following Wednesday's events.

Williquors posted the following on their Facebook page: “Steal of a deal!!!! 10% off all Scotch today only!! You don’t have to bust our doors down we are open till 10!”

Sure made me chuckle! :-)

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