A few days ago I posted this meme:

I posted this meme on my Instagram (above), Facebook, and Twitter.

After a few days of intense voting, I have collected the data and found Sioux Falls' least favorite candy bar.

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It was a landslide! The least liked candy bar was without a doubt...Almond Joy. Almond Joy had 20 votes. I'm not a fan of coconut so Almond Joy and Mounds can both go bye-bye.

In a very distant second place was Baby Ruth with 8 votes.

Milky Way had a total of 5 votes, Reese's had 3 votes, Butterfinger, Kit Kat, and Twix all had one vote.

For those of you that voted Reese's as your least favorite, how dare you?!

This research was done with the utmost care. Obviously, this study was super scientific and very precise. Full disclosure, if you left a comment voting for two, I counted both. If you listed more than two, I threw out your vote.

It's my study so I can do what I want.

Also, an interesting fact, nobody voted on Twitter. What's up Twitter? Apparently, nobody on Twitter has time for this sort of thing.

I honestly feel like some faith in humanity has been restored since Almond Joy was voted the worst. It just proves that sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you just want to eat any candy bar that isn't Almond Joy.

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