Andy and I showed up for work today (Monday, January 24, 2022) and everything was terrible.

Andy was awakened in the middle of the night because the computers at the station were messed up. Didn't exactly set him up for a great Monday morning.

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I, on the other hand, had a decent night's sleep, but it's Winter and cold so basically every morning sucks for me. But, today was especially rough once I got to work. I installed updates and restarted my laptop, but that only led to the poor thing being slower than me running the mile in high school. It was rough!

Also, a couple of the services we use to do the show had website issues. Just everything was 'off' this morning.

We were not alone. Sioux Falls, as a whole, was having a rough morning. See below.

  • Went in the ditch on the interstate. At least I didn't hit a post and was able to drive out.
  • My bagels were moldy this morning :(
  • I had an employee quit at 5 o'clock this morning when they're supposed to work 6 o'clock tonight
  • I traveled 2 hours away from home to spend four days away for school and realized I forgot my laptop charger at home.
  • Woke up to my furnace being out and my house being 60 degrees. Happy Monday to me
  • Had Covid last week and worked from home. Trying to fire my computer up at work right now and my emails are not loading. Shows disconnected for some reason. And yes I've tried rebooting. Gonna have to contact IT already this a.m. so that's annoying.
  • My boss's spouse is in the hospital so she's gone leaving me to do both our jobs
  • Mother Nature hit me. #timeofmonth
  • Slept through my alarm. Remembering I had a dream that I worked at a gas station and the alarm was the cash register so I kept turning it off
  • Went to get milk for my toddler out of the fridge and knocked over the sour cream all over the floor and fridge.
  • 41 weeks pregnant. No signs of labor starting anytime soon
  • Three words… Four-way stops. Why can no one figure them out? I swear everyone sat there staring at each other for longer than it actually took one car to go through
  • The entire household probably only slept 4hrs last night woke up toddler has a bloody nose and ear... and is cranky cranky.... happy Monday
  • Took the dog out first thing this morning and didn't realize we got "flurries"... obviously in a hurry because it is cold and i was in shorts, slipped off the deck step and came down on my back and hit my head. Little bit of blood on backside of head but has to wait to be assessed because I have an 830 appt with a patient that I can't miss. Definitely a Monday, thank GOD for coffee and long hair to hide the small laceration
  • My youngest couldn't find his shoes so we had to use his new shoes but they didn't fit right so the world was ending cause he's 6
  • My darling husband apparently paid daycare $5 SHORT last week. So this morning I'm scrambling during drop-off with ZERO cash and no cards are taken. So yeah...I had to write a check for $5.
  • Our keys were locked in the truck n the OnStar app was not working!! Happy Monday!!!
  • Every person in my house overslept their alarms. Now we are running late for work and school. And my 9-month puked on me at 3 am. So have a great day everyone...Oh to top off my day I slipped on ice
  • Went to make coffee but forgot to put the coffee pot underneath coffee went everywhere. I was at work pressed start... but no pot underneath started doing other things then I heard it spilling all over. I work with food.
  • I work in the infant room at a daycare. Every Monday is hard. They all cry ALL DAY! It's always worse on Mondays
  • I wanted to surprise my kids by stopping at the gas station to get them donuts. When we went to pay for them and leave, my 2-year-old started crying in front of everyone and refused to go out to the car because it was too cold outside. I had to put the donuts in the car and come back to get him and I think the people thought I was leaving him. You could hear him crying at the door.

Ok, so maybe the start to my day wasn't so bad in comparison.

I think this listener has the right idea!

  • Mondays suck so we get donuts.


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