A new study revealed by Save On Energy lists Sioux Falls at the top of their list for unpredictable weather. If you live here, you've lived it.

After years in Sioux Falls we roll with turning on the heat and air conditioning the same day, going from a winter coat to sleeveless within hours as part of enjoying the life we know in South Dakota.

Here is what Save On Energy revealed in their listing:

Although by population it is one of the smallest cities in the study, Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. Extreme variation in temperature put this city in first place as having the most unpredictable weather. While it typically fluctuates between lows of 6 degrees and highs of 85 degrees, on occasion it can drop below -13 degrees and rise above 95 degrees. It also had variable winds and precipitation which edged it almost a full tenth of a point over second place.

Neighboring cities are not too far behind, including Minneapolis as number two, St. Paul number three, Omaha at number four, and Des Moines number five.

So what is difference between the weather in St. Paul verses Minneapolis that makes St. Paul more predictable? Either way all cities apply to the Midwest adage: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!"

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