Somewhere in Sioux Falls, a family is coming to town.  Desperately short on money. Maybe with no money at all. Their road has been long, but somehow it lead them here.  Hungry, tired from the road and in need of a quick shower. For just a moment put yourself in their shoes and think, 'what would I do?'

If you spent a little time in church this weekend chances are you heard something in the message about shepherding.  In many churches it's Good Shepard Sunday which brings me to a wonderful place here in Sioux Falls that helps people.  The Good Shepard Center. 

According to Good Shepard Director Maria Krell,

The Good Shepherd Ministry Center a non-profit, ecumenical ministry, provides daytime shelter and services for people who are homeless, poor or newly arrived in our community. For many, these services make the difference to getting a new start – and rebirth in confidence and hope that leads to a happy ending.


Last year alone, we had a total of 32,000 guest visits that included men, women and children. They come to us to find a place to shower, do laundry and use our phone to search for jobs and housing. Adults find respect and dignity, and kids spend precious moments just being kids.


It’s been said that without a sense of caring, there cannot be a sense of community. For the sake of the men, women and children that use our services, the Good Shepherd Ministry Center calls upon you to help keep our welcoming doors open.

I'm thinking it might take you about 4 minutes to put a bag together.  Here's how it could help.  Grab an empty plastic bag from the grocery store, (I'm sure you have a load of them around the house) and put a few items together.  Most people have a pretty good stock in the bathroom.  Items we're talking about include:  Coffee, #10 cans of fruits and vegetables,Laundry Soap,Shampoo, Conditioner.

If you don't have extra around the house, put an empty bag with your shopping list for the week and put some of the items in while you shop.  Then you can drop them off at the Good Shepherd Center at 300 N. Main Avenue, Sioux Falls.

As part of The Good Shepherd Center  in Sioux Falls, The Kateri Center offers daytime shelter for men and women, shower facilities for men, a phone for job and housing searches and refreshments. On average we serve 120 people a day.

Lunches are served Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11:30 for all who want a free meal!

And that brings me to my final point.  If it's easier and you're able, they would graciously accept monetary donations as well. 

Think about it today from your warm home.  From your soft easy recliner.  Gather a few things up and take them down, or click and donate. Someone out there right now, could use our help.