This is one of the reasons we can't have nice things. Something has to be very emotionally wrong with a person who vandalizes public property.

Falls Park is our cities pride and joy. People come from all over the world and experience the peaceful beauty of Falls Park. But apparently some people are so small and unhappy that they try to make themselves feel bigger by destroying things that bring others joy.

This week someone spray-painted obscenities on two signs at Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls. City Council candidate Julian Beaudion posted the following on his Facebook page:

I contacted the Human Relations Commission and there will be conversation on the city level about this incident. In the meantime, The Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department is currently cleaning this up.
Now is the time for action! Through the previous incidents, the City Council constructed an Anti-Hate Resolution. We appreciate the words but now it is time to act upon the promise. This community would like to hear your plans to catch the responsible parties.

Ok Sioux Falls! Now is the time to embrace the true meaning of community! This was just reported in Falls Park! We don’t have time for excuses! No more reasons of kids playing pranks! This is happening far too often in our city and we will find who it is! Enough is enough!

I agree with Julian, enough is enough.

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