It seems like sometimes we don't spend enough time trying to catch people doing good things. There is more than enough bad news all over social media. How about a little good news? Here's some positive stuff.

Have you ever come out of a store to find out you have a flat tire on your car? 25% of people in the United States don't even know how to change a flat tire.

One of those in the 25% was recently stuck in a tight spot at a Sioux Falls Kum & Go convenience store what a member of the Sioux Falls Police Department came to the rescue.

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The Sioux Falls Police Department posted a picture of one of their Recruit Officers helping out a Sioux Falls citizen in need.

The SFPD posted: “Thanks to the kind citizen that sent in this photo. Recruit Officer Payton took the time to help out this citizen who had a flat tire and didn't know how to change it. Recruit Officer Payton ends his probationary period next week!”

There are so many great men and women that make up this city's police force. They put their lives on the line every day to make sure we are safe and have the fine quality of life that we enjoy in Sioux Falls.

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