The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has caused many shortages of lots of different things. We've seen a lack of sanitizing wipes, toilet paper, coins, lumber, paper towels, and laptop computers. The list goes on and on.

Now there is another shortage of Canning Supplies. During this time of social distancing and living in quarantine tons of folks have taken up gardening. Everything from small backyard gardens to larger plots of vegetables.

Now that it is time for everyone to harvest their produce there is a surge in the interest of canning as a means to preserve this bounty.

Empty Canning Shelves - Ben Davis
Shortage Note - Ben Davis

Here in Sioux Falls, I chatted with a gentleman in the isles at the Nyberg's Ace on 41st and Minnesota about the empty shelves in the canning section of the store.

Nybergs Ace Store Front - Ben Davisf

He expressed the same observations that they have seen a big boost in interest in canning, but are having challenges in getting lids and rings for the canning jars.

Canning Jars - Ben Davis

It would seem along with a large demand for lids and rings to top off the glass jars there is also a shortage of aluminum, which is what these products are made of.

Pressure Canners - Ben Davis

The Wall Street Journal reports that a “demand for cans is booming during the coronavirus pandemic, propelling can makers to boost manufacturing capacity to prevent shortages and capitalize on a trend they bet will stick.”

And it appears that restaurants, bars, breweries, and others are also increasing their orders for products packaged in aluminum in case there is a slow down or stoppage in the supply line.

And if you are thinking you will skip the canning and just freeze this year's bounty, good luck finder a deep freeze. They are in short supply too.

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