The Sioux Falls Canaries baseball team will open their 100-game 2022 season with a three-day stand in Lincoln, Nebraska against the Lincoln Saltdogs on May 13.

Their first home game of 2022 will be on May 20 when the Milwaukee Milkmen travel to Sioux Falls to meet the Canaries The Birdcage.

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In a press release, the Canaries organization says that the squad will make their first-ever trip to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in August. There they will take on the newly-formed Lake Country Dock Hounds. The Birds will then host the American Association’s newest team in August.

The Birds' I-29 rivalry will be alive and well in 2022. They will play the Sioux City Explorers 13 times. First at Lewis and Clark Park on June 28. The Canaries will then host the X's at home for the first time in July.

Sioux Falls Canaries' tickets are available from Ticketmaster, more info is HERE.

The Canneries will be going up against these  American Association teams in 2022:

  • Kansas City Monarchs
  • Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks
  • Lincoln Saltdogs
  • Gary-Southshore Railcats
  • Milwaukee Milkmen
  • Kane County Cougars
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes
  • Chicago Dogs
  • Lake Country DockHounds
  • Sioux City Explorers
  • Cleburne Railroaders
2022 Sioux Falls Canaries Schedule
Sioux Falls

The Sioux Falls Canaries are part of the independent baseball league the American Association of Professional Baseball. In 2020 the league became an official partner with Major League Baseball.

The Canaries play their home games at the Sioux Falls Stadium, nicknamed The Birdcage (1001 Northwest Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104). For over half a century fans have cheered on their hometown team at the Birdcage. The stadium seats 4,462 fans.

SOURCE: Sioux Falls Canaries 

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