The last few days have been a challenge for many people across the Sioux Empire as rain and snowmelt have caused rivers, lakes, and ponds to overflow and send thousands of gallons of water into the streets and homes.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life, but the damage wrought on the community has been extensive. Throughout those long hours, city and county employees have worked tirelessly to help lessen the effects of the flooding. From the police and fire departments that helped rescue people from the flood waters to the street maintenance division that helped divert traffic around flooded streets, to those that manned the phones to help calm the frayed nerves of residents.

And now, some local businesses are extending a hearty thank you to those workers for all they have done to help lessen the pain and stress.

In a recent email, Tom Slattery, the owner of JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars in Sioux Falls offered up an "adult beverage" to those same workers. He also points out that several other businesses have made similar offers.

"A special shoutout to ALL city and county workers and EMS workers for their willingness to put up with not only the surging flow of The Big Sioux but also the temper and anxiety of the people they serve. You guys are all top notch and we want to say thank you," said Slattery in his email. "Today and tomorrow, please stop into The 3.0 Cocktail Bar here at JJ's and show us your credentials. We will be happy to buy you an adult beverage. A few others in our industry are doing the same. The Barrel House and Krav'n are offering free meals, GoodSpirits is offering free coffee. Many other businesses are offering some sort of show of gratitude and/or assistance because you deserve it, and that's what we should do!"

I may not be able to buy them a drink, but like so many other residents, I join Tom in giving every one of those workers a major shoutout!


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