With the continued shortage of homes on the market in Sioux Falls and a number of other places across America, more and more homeowners are deciding to stay put and invest in the property they already have.

That's good news for residents of South Dakota's largest city.

Sioux Falls is ninth overall on the Lawn Love list of 2022’s Most Affordable Cities for Home Improvement.

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Lawn Love ranked 200 cities based on 16 key indicators of renovation priciness, such as pros’ hourly rates, the average age of homes, labor and supplies access, and average household spending on home improvement.

Sioux Falls' best showing was a number-nine ranking in the 'Cost Inflators' category, which considers things like mortgage rates, the average age of homes, average square footage, and the average cost of living

In the 'Builder and Supply Access' category, Sioux Falls was 28th for General Contractors per 10,000 Households, Construction Workers per 10,000 Residents, and Construction Suppliers per Square Mile.

In terms of costs, Sioux Falls ranked 57th.

The only below-average ranking came in average household income, where Sioux Falls landed at number-109.

Overall, Florida is a mecca for home improvements, with six of the ten most affordable cities in America.


  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Miami, Florida
  3. Cape Coral, Florida
  4. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  5. Port St. Lucie, Florida
  6. Tallahassee, Florida
  7. Knoxville, Tennessee
  8. Jacksonville, Florida
  9. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  10. Brownsville, Texas

At the other end of the spectrum, folks in California are paying through the nose for their renovations, with the seven most expensive cities and eight of the top ten.


  1. Sunnyvale, California
  2. San Jose, California
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Fremont, California
  5. Pasadena, California
  6. Glendale, California
  7. Oakland, California
  8. New York, New York
  9. Torrance, California
  10. Honolulu, Hawaii

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