Inflation be damned!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, this year the Aldi stores across the nation, including the three locations right here in Sioux Falls are doing something we all can be thankful for. Aldi is rolling back the prices on Thanksgiving essentials to what they cost in 2019.

They are calling it their "Thanksgiving Price Rewind" sale. It's Aldi's way of saying thanks, as they help to combat the higher grocery store prices for their shoppers.

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As Dakota News Now reports, the firm IRI is predicting this year's Thanksgiving Day feast could cost around 13.5% more than last year. That's enough to make a person lose their appetite.

Aldi announced they would be rolling back prices on holiday essentials like, appetizers, desserts, sides, and drinks starting on Wednesday (November 2).

According to Dakota News Now, Sioux Falls Aldi shoppers should be on the lookout for the Aldi "Thanksgiving Price Rewind" icon in local ads and throughout the store for even greater savings.

This year, consumers can expect to pay around 38% more for their Thanksgiving Day meal, even though they plan to buy the exact same amount of food and supplies as they did in 2021. Dakota News Now reports those findings are based on a recent survey conducted by the folks at IRI.

Here's another little Thanksgiving Day nugget that will make you feel quirky about your turkey. The USDA says the national average price right now for a Grade A, 8 to 16-pound turkey is $1.99 a pound. Last year, that same size bird was around $1.15 a pound.

Are you sure you don't want to have spaghetti this Thanksgiving?

Source: Dakota News Now/IRI/USDA

14 Grocery Shortages South Dakota May Deal With This Winter

It seems like grocery shopping has turned into a hit-and-miss experience across the Midwest. South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa have seen empty shelves next to fully stocked ones.

All the jelly you want, but no peanut butter, for example.

The fallout from the first year of the COVID pandemic is still with us. Add to that the effect of the war in Ukraine and weather disasters.

Disruptions to global shipping and the domestic supply chain mean that you may run into a situation where you don't know if all you need will be in stock. 

Winter 2022-2023 is looking to deal with several possible shortages of some grocery store favorites. 


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