One of the first signs of spring in Sioux Falls is when B&G Milkyway opens for the season. Get ready for some iconic Sloppy Joes, Corn Dogs, Ice Cream Cones, Malts, Avalanches, and other tasty summertime foods.

B&G Milkyway announced on their Facebook page that they will be opening their 69th Street location on Wednesday, March 4th.

The first Milkyway opened around 1954 as an old fashion drive-in restaurant. According to “It all began when a man by the name of Ray Starks decided to open an ice cream business near his restaurant at 2400 W. 12th st. This drive inn was so far out of town it only could appeal to people going out to or from a few dance clubs in the area. But the drive inn was a hit.”

B&G Milkyway's locations include:

  • 721 S Sycamore Ave, Sioux Falls
  • Field Pl, 3300 S Center Ave, Sioux Falls
  • 2410 W 12th St, Sioux Falls
  • 3300 W 69th St, Sioux Falls
  • 5508 W 41st St, Sioux Falls
  • 200 E Brian St, Tea
  • 124 E Annabelle St, Brandon
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