Do you find it irritating when you get behind someone driving slow in the left lane of the interstate? Me too. Do you think South Dakota should have a law that says you get a ticket if you are caught on the interstate driving slow in the left lane? Me too.

Minnesota has signed just such a bill into law last month. The new law states that anyone violating the slow in the left lane law could get fined $50 to $75 dollars.

According to the Startibune Minnesota Sen. John Jasinski, R-Faribault, sponsored the bill and he said: “It’s something everyone can relate to. Everyone’s been in that position, being behind someone in the left lane. It’s frustrating.”

It's true that many states already have laws that say slower vehicles should move to the right lane but only a few actually give out a ticket for the infraction.

Minnesota's new slow in the left lane law doesn’t say exactly what qualifies as a “slow speed” in order to get the ticket it just states that: “a person must move out of the left-most lane to allow another vehicle to pass”.

I think South Dakota could use a similar law only with a bit more bite.

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