This video of what happened to these two ice fishermen on a Minnesota lake is equal parts terrifying and hilarious. It could have been a lot worse.

Ice fishing is big in South Dakota but it's a religion in the Land Of 10,000 Lakes.

In this viral video, you can see two guys in an ice house fishing on a lake in Northern Minnesota.

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So here's how this story goes. Seth & Mojo were out ice fishing. Then Mojo decides it's time to leave and pick up a friend to join the two for some ice fishing fun.

So Mojo unzips the ice shack door and fires up the snowmobile to go and get their buddy. But...Mojo forgets to unhook the ice shack from the snowmobile.

For those that don't know. ice fisherman hitch up their collapsible ice houses to snowmobiles to pull them onto the frozen lakes to drill holes, drink beer, and fish. It's a Minnesota state pastime.

Well in this case Mojo didn't unhook the ice house from the snowmobile before he took off. Seth comments on the video saying, “He said the snow was so deep, when he got on the snowmobile, he was thinking, just gun it! He never felt the sled!”

As you can see from the video Seth was in for the ride of his life! After some screaming and tossing around Seth bails out.

He explained, “If I wasn't concerned about my gear that was on the ice, along with the heater, I know I could have rode it out till the end!”

As it says in the video, Mojo realizes what has happened and comes back to “examine his work”.

Apparently, Seth was no worse for the wear. Because they just reposition the shook-up shack over their ice holes and continue fishing.

As they say in Minnesota, “What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger...fer ser...then ya know.”

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