Many of you know, that we have more than just one radio station in the building that houses Kickin' Country. Across the hall for instance is KSOO-AM. We're next to ESPN 99.1 and down the hall from Mix 97.3.  On the other side of the building here at the radio ranch you will find Hot 104.7, Easy 100.1 KXRB and B 102.7.  That's where the story begins.

This afternoon I was headed down the stairs from the office when I came across Crash from the Bee.  I couldn't help but thinking about an old cartoon I used to love when I was a kid. Thankfully Sonja was at the front desk and helped Crash, Jeff Harkness and me out.  We were trying to come up with 'what was the cartoon' where the sheep dog would wait for the work whistle to blow, signalling a shift change?

We know that many of you endure long days and many shift changes with co-workers. On a cold dreary day here in Sioux Falls I thought this might warm you up. At least your belly with a look back a classic for sure!

Here's to shift changes, co-workers and classic cartoons.