I see a new song title, 'Drinking With Dolly', and I think 'OK, here's comes a parody song, something funny and probably not that great'. Plus, by an artist I wasn't familiar with.

Well, as the old saying goes 'Don't judge a book by it's cover', well, don't judge a song before you hear it Randy, you 'ol skeptical curmudgeon. Give it a chance!

And wow, am I glad I did!

Her name is Stephanie Quayle (And no, as far as I know, not related to that Quayle) and her website says she's from the great state of Montana. But what I love the most is...

She not only has a great voice, and the music is fantastic, she also honors country music's past. While I get the distinct impression (I know, I know, there I go judging again) that some of the new so-called country artists wouldn't know a Loretta from a Tammy, Stephanie not only sings about them, but gets on back with those Royal Country Ladies herself, or at least dreams of it!

So give this new artist and new song a listen below, and hopefully it's the beginning of a great career for this Montana country songstress!

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