Shania Twain and Taylor Swift are a part of a mutual admiration club, based on Twain's recent comments about the country-turned-pop superstar.

Sitting down with Entertainment TonightTwain shares heartwarming praise for Swift — especially the marketing genius' ability to create a lane all her own. "It takes courage to walk your own path, get off the treadmill, rise above the crowd and just do your own thing," Twain acknowledges, calling the "Love Story" singer "very prolific" and a "talented songwriter."

"Music is in her soul and she focuses on her strength, improves her weaknesses. She's just a hardworking, talented lady... [She] speaks her truth and lives her truth, and I admire her for that," she adds.

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Fans of both superstars will be thrilled to hear that Twain is very receptive to the idea of the two of them collaborating. Twain and Swift have spent time together in the past — they actually lived near each other in the same neighborhood, and Swift invited the legendary country star over for wine, cheese and good conversation.

"I want her to come and visit me and ... [sing] whatever she wants to sing," Twain says.

This year Twain on her extensive Shania Now Tour that takes her to nearly 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada from May through August. The tour follows the release of her first album in 15 years, Now, that launched to the top of the Billboard 200 in 2017, scoring the biggest sales week for a female country artist since 2015.

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