Shania Twain recently visited Today where she sat down with with Savannah Guthrie and answered some rapid fire questions for the segment "Six-Minute Marathon With Savannah." She revealed a lot, including that even she gets starstruck.

"I'm not very good with stars," Twain admits. "I get really uncomfortable, I don't know what to say. I am very shy actually. I just feel like I'm invading their space by being with them."

Twain has, unsurprisingly, had her share of meeting the biggest and the best. "I was awkward with Madonna when I first met Madonna," she reveals.

However, Twain herself is up there with the A-list, and she's well aware that people get starstruck around her as well. Since she knows the feeling, she's often sympathetic. "I understand why it happens. I'm sympathetic and empathetic about how they're feeling in that moment because I do the same thing," she says.

The country singer has not only met a ton of stars, she's witnessed countless concerts, too. If she had to pick her favorite concert, she says it would have to be the Rolling Stones.

"Best concert I ever went to was a Stones concert. What tops that? In Cuba," she shares.

At the tail end of the interview, Twain was asked how best to teach young women their worth. She had some sage advice:

"Be a good example of what that is. What is a woman of worth? Use your brain. Stand up for yourself. Don't be a quitter. Persevere," she concedes. "Be a good person. Be honest. Honesty is so underrated. I think it's very important. We learn best through example."

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