Age is not a number when it comes to country music's sexiest female voices. The 10 women on this list — each suggested by multiple Taste of Country readers — range in age from mid-20s to mid-50s. Like their music, their ability to get someone's attention is timeless.

Country men are more prone to releasing seductive love songs, but at least one woman on this list video has cut a lyric that is as aching as anything Lothario would write. No. 9's submission is more sweet than spicy, while No. 4's tones are tinged with regret. No. 2 is the kinda sexy you want to marry!

Who's No. 1? Which female has the sexiest voice in country music? When we asked readers, one name kept coming up again and again. Her husband made our list of the 10 sexiest male voices below (that's a huge hint), and she's steadily fed us a diet of Lawdy, OMG and Humina Humina.

Newcomers like Lindsay Ell and Maren Morris made this list as well, but for the most part, the 10 sexy female vocalists chosen are established hitmakers who've learned and loved a little bit more for a little bit longer. Maturity and experience are very sexy attributes, it seems.

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Country Music's Sexiest Male Voice? Who's Your No. 1?

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