Newcomer Seth Ennis' "Woke Up in Nashville" is a vulnerable love song that allows the singer to show every aspect of his artistry. All at once he's a storyteller, compelling vocalist and poet.

The piano-driven song builds over a sparse, but still complex weave of music. There's emptiness reflective of the hole in his heart as he begins, and even as more and more layers of sound are added, there's still something pinning him down — some emptiness that can only be filled by his subject's love and forgiveness. Credit Ennis' producer with matching the sound of this song to the dark lyrics.

Everything peaks during a cathartic bridge that reveals him as a stirring vocalist. Then it all lets go, and fragility returns. Ennis penned "Woke Up in Nashville" with Blair Daly and David Hodges and the three play with words in a way that's constantly surprising a listener. If more songs of this depth are to follow, 2017 will be a fine year for this country rookie.

Did You Know?: Ennis is the son of a colonel in the military and he moved all over the world as a kid.

Listen to Seth Ennis, "Woke Up in Nashville"

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Seth Ennis' "Woke Up In Nashville" Lyrics:

I woke up in Nashville / But it still felt like a dream / Like the one I’ve been chasing / Since the day I first played my dad’s six string / I loaded up that hand me down car / Went for broke, broke your heart / Didn’t want to but girl I thought I had to / But dreaming’s just sleeping here without you.


So hello, I’m really glad you picked up your phone / I had to tell you baby I was so wrong / For thinking you were something I could ever do without / Thought everything I wanted was in this town / But you were all that I needed all along / Yeah it took me long enough / But I woke up / I woke up in Nashville.

Because those Broadway lights don’t shine / The way that your eyes did / When they were staring back, right back in mine / Been trying to live with only half of my heart / Just sleepwalking in the Tennessee dark / If I can’t make every memory with you /Then dreaming’s just sleeping here without you.

In a cold sweat / Catching my breath / Dropping my pride / And dropping you a line / I don’t know where you are / I don’t know who you’re with I don’t know what to say / But I’m saying it.

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