Coming out of the holidays is always a hard time in January and February for groups that rely heavily on volunteering to keep their guests served. There is always the struggle and balance between personal schedules, and finding time to serve, but every time I go the experiences like this leave an impact.

I got a call from a friend of mine who was serving at The Banquet in Sioux Falls this week, and every excuse I could find came to mind for me not to go. The inner argument to go won out, and I'm glad it did.

Serving always takes me out of myself which is a great way to spend the day, not being wrapped up in self.

I see all the things I take for granted while volunteering, I meet people whose energy always seems to fuel mine.

I see kids who need coats, fellow humans who need a conversation, and a handshake.

Groups of people in our city who like all of us, just need a hand for a minute.

There are multiple ways, and places to serve in the community. If you would like more info on serving at The Banquet click here.

I can promise you this, it will mean just as much to you as it does them.

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