With today being National Selfie Day (6/21/17) it's time someone finally speak up and point out that selfies are dumb.

They are - they're dumb!

I've never quite understood the fasicnation of having to take a picture of yourself. When did we (as a society) become so self-absorbed?

"Hey world, look at me, and check out where I'm at. Are you jealous? You should be."

Whenever I see someone post a selfie all I can think of is their only goal is just to show off and make themselves out to be just a little bit better than everyone else.

Have I ever taken a selfie? NO!!! I've never taken a picture of myself. I'll admit I've been included in other people's selfies, but never one of my own.

I especially love when women take a selfie of themselves and feel the need to place a hand on their hips - making themselves look like a teapot. Why?

And guys, you're not much better. I've seen you try to flex your muscles and hold in your beer belly while snapping a selfie.

But the absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard of is a friend of my daughter actually purchased an app so she can touch up her selfies before posting them on social media.

What? So we're now having to make our selfie look like it was taken by a professional photographer? THAT'S JUST PLAIN DUMB!

And then you wonder why I think selfies are stupid.

Here's an idea. Instead of taking a photo of yourself, how about you take a picture of the beautiful scenery instead.

When your old and retired and paging through your scrapbooks, you're not going to want to see a photo of yourself. You're going to want to see wherever you visited.

Those are the photos that'll bring back memories. A selfie - not so much!

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