If you are ever offered the chance to see the 90's country music cover band called Hot Country Knights, take the offer!  There's a pretty good chance you may be surprised at one of the members.

With some spare time before heading off on an upcoming tour, Dierks Bentley has decided to join a 90's country cover band, known as Hot Country Knights.  With a mullet and a great mustache, Dierks transforms himself into the front man, Douglas "Big Rhythm Doug" Douglason.

He says Douglas 'Big Rhythm Doug' Douglason is an alter ego that he created for this side-project.

I'm working on a little something something with my guys in the band. It's a little side project – a little bit of a '90s country cover band. We specialize in '90s country, which was a great era in country music.

Hot Country Knights will be playing random shows over the next couple months, playing the music that Dierks jams to on his tour bus and back stage at his concerts.

And just so you know, Dierks' sweet 'stache - is real!

Source:  People