If you've ever fallen into rushing water, you know how horrifying it can be to feel completely out of control. I've had a few different water incidents in my life, and I think how lucky I am to be alive, surviving those very frightening situations. I also know many families that have lost loved ones to rushing waters on our Minnesota Rivers. Mother Nature has no mercy. That's why when people can come together to help rescue others, its something we need to be so incredibly thankful for, as I'm sure the families and children referred to in the rescue that happened near Hastings this past Wednesday, April 12th, 2023.



A woman named Caroline Beckmann had just started a hike on Wednesday afternoon around 6:20 pm. when she saw an amazing site.

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The Dakotah County Sheriff's Office said that two children had fallen into the rushing waters of Vermillion River near Hastings around 5:20 in the afternoon. The children were able to get ahold and crawl up onto a rock in the middle of the river but were unable to get back to shore.


Caroline noticed that there were rescue vehicles and responders all on a path leading to Love Locks Bridge. Rescuers were tying ropes and ties to nearby trees in case the children fell back into the water.

That's when Caroline taped the amazing rescue from a helicopter. According to the news report, both children were unhurt in the incident.

You can watch the amazing rescue below.


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