The Minnesota Vikings gave up on Blair Walsh and now he is already letting them know it was a bad decision.

Not only did Walsh knock down a 52 yard kick but he knocked in another 52 yard kick as well and let the Vikings bench know about it each time he did.

I LOVE IT. Kickers talking smack is a great addition to the NFL.

Of course the Vikings had some reasons for cutting Walsh a year ago, but I always contended that they were giving up way to early on a kicker that can be one of the best in the league.

There were a handful of kickers who were worse statistically last year including the Patriots kicker and they didn't lose their job.

Walsh did however and it may of been the best thing for him.  Kicking is as much physical as it is mental and a new start will probably propel Walsh to a Pro Bowl with all that talent.

Seattle would go on to win 20-13 over Minnesota in week 2 of the preseason.

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