The other afternoon I was walking my dog along Sycamore Avenue near the Fareway grocery store. I noticed in the corner of the parking lot near the intersection of Sycamore and 41st Street they had cordoned off the area and were unloading construction equipment. I thought to myself, that would be the perfect location for a Scooters.

And you know, I was right. On Friday I noticed a sign had gone up announcing the spot to be the newest Scooters location. I was happy to see one was going up so close to my house - just 2 blocks away and easily within walking distance.

To be honest, I'm a regular at Starbucks (my wife swears by the Chai Tea) and often hit Caribou Coffee (it's just down the street from the radio station). However, I was recently introduced to Scooters when one of the salespeople brought in some samples. I thoroughly enjoyed the mocha. I don't like overly bitter coffee, so I found the smoother blend much more to my liking.

Now that they are going to be located just up the street, I think my dog and I will become regular customers. Get the puppy cups ready!

Scooter's Coffee

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