Bucks had its last rodeo. The bar/dance club that had been open for 25 years in Sioux Falls said goodbye with a bang.

I knew I wasn't going to be in town for the very last Saturday night festivities so I went to say my goodbyes on Friday.

After the gym, a couple friends and I went for our last drink. It may have been because I had just worked out or the fact that it was just $1 or the fact that it was a sentimental last beer, but it was delicious.

We only stayed for a brief time, but it was long enough to say goodbye. I even hugged the gas pump outside goodbye.

This morning on the show, we asked listeners to tell us their favorite Bucks stories. They got interesting to say the least.

  • I never really hung out at Buck's but did have a boyfriend who cheated on me with one of the waitresses Buck's. and come to find out she was married. somehow the husband found out or maybe I called him LOL
  • I once saw somebody pee in the middle of the dance floor on Halloween it was awful
  • I started sneaking into bucks when I was 18 and they never carded me until my 21st birthday and once they found out that I had just turned 21 they banned me for a whole year
  • One time I was sitting at a table against the wall and there was a table full of girls behind us also against the wall. One girl leaned over and looked under the table, threw up, and then came back up and kept drinking her beer.
  • Best memory at bucks was when I meet my fiancé!!
  •  I want to bucks year for Halloween. It was super cold outside and there was a line waiting to get in. A very very drunk girl just started peeing herself.... steam came up off of the sidewalk 😳 Stay classy Sioux Falls 😂 
  • I walked home from Bucks I lived at 41st and Kiwanis... we left at 1:30 got to my place at 3:30 we don't have a clue what we did
  •  Met my husband at bucks. I didn't even want to go that night but I had a friend that wanted to dance it out after a bad deal with a guy. So glad I went 😍
  • When I was dancing with my friends..a guy came up and started dancing with me. Shortly after, he bit my ear and took my favorite earring. Never did find it 😭
  • Back during my drinking days I went with 3 Co workers to bucks someone put their credit card on the bar and bought drinks all night for everyone I woke up in an apartment unsure of where I was not sure how I got there but at least I still had an my clothes on still lol
  • I met my boyfriend of almost two years! And worked there with a couple (who became my best friends) who asked me to be the godmother of their little boy! ❤️❤️
  •  One time I was there during the winter my girlfriend and I we're having a great time it started snowing really really heavy a big wet flakes so we decided to go take advantage of the snow cover outside in our car... Insert dirty thought... Cuz it happened
  • Bucks story/stories - husband asked me to be his gf on the bucks dance floor at bitterball, on my bachelorette party got a check list to do random stuff sooo I gave my bra to dj and took a body shot off the biggest hairiest man my friends could find. Not the proudest moments in my life , but made some memories

What's your Bucks memory?

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