Buying in bulk might cost you more than usual very soon.

Sam's Club is joining the ranks of companies raising their prices on just about anything, but this time, it'll cost you a bit more just to even be a Sam's Club member.

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Let's break down the price increases:

  • Club Members: A $5 price increase will bring annual fees to $50. This is the first time prices have gone up on this membership in 9 years.
  • Plus Members: A $10 increase will see annual fees adding up to $110. These prices are changing for the first time since 1999.

These prices are set to go into effect on October 17th.

As you can expect, not a welcoming reaction to the news of the price hikes. It's been a rough year for the costs of pretty much everything, and it seems like Sam's was one of the only places that you could still grocery shop without the effects of inflation.

Just goes to show you, that nothing and no one is safe from inflation. It may not seem like a big price hike, but over time, it all adds up.

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