Ryan Weaver started writing country songs at the Baghdad International Airport during his deployment.

Ryan would keep himself musically dialed in performing Karaoke while living out his dream of being a Black Hawk Aviator.

Sometimes you listen to someones story and feel like it should be made into a movie, a country song, or both. Ryan has lived one of those journeys.

His latest EP Celebrate America is available now.

Ryan is currently touring with the PBR and performing the music he loves, and will be performing in Sioux Falls on Saturday (April 7).

There are three PBR performances this weekend in Sioux Falls, a Friday night performance at 7:45 PM. Saturday night at 6:45 PM. And Sunday at 1:45 PM.

The PBR always know hows to throw a part and the after parties. We can watch the bulls and then head on into the Thaw Out Parties to keep the fun going.

The Cadillac Three will be performing at the Friday night Thaw Out Party, and Ryan will be performing at the Saturday Thaw Out Party.

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