This video falls under the caption of, "Did You Really Want To Post This?"

First...turn your phone horizontal. Vertically recorded video blogs are what your grandma posts.

These RVers just posted a video about their trip to South Dakota. Like a lot of people apparently, they feel the only thing to see in our state is Mount Rushmore.

This video blog featuring a couple seeing what South Dakota has to offer starts with the dude saying into the camera that his female travel mate is holding, ”alright we are in South Dakota. We left Wisconsin, spent the night in Sioux Falls? Right? Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but it was quick. Got there about, a little bit before midnight left this morning about 9 in the mornin'. Now we're going to the Black Hills to check out Mount Rushmore.”

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His next sentence after revealing that he got to South Dakota in the dark went to bed and just got up to leave Sioux Falls and head west ... “My opinion of South Dakota is, it's a super nice state. We had a good time. But today it's very windy.”

Well … that's got to be about the quickest any visitor has fallen in love with our state!? Drive-in on I-90 in the dark. Get a room. Go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and you've had the full SD experience.

Imagine how much they would have loved Sioux Falls if they'd stayed past breakfast!? But wait. There's more.

I'm sorry for being overly judgmental of what the RVagabond Travelers posted on youtube, but if they posted it to the public I'm guessing they wanted the world to take a peek at it?

After their whirlwind tour of Sioux Falls, the couple heads out for Mount Rushmore. Speaking of wind. Once the Dude got a taste of the South Dakota breeze he “got pissed”.

He had to find a youtube video to explain how to drive in the prairie wind.

Listen, if you get pissed off by the wind, South Dakota is no place for you. We have 3 days without wind. And we don't know when those days will be.

The rest of the video is mostly of the two eating and drinking at Firehouse brewing company in Rapid City, a brief stop at a Badlands overlook, a quick off the Needles Highway. And ends with the gal saying...”So after lunch, we went to Crazy Horse and now we are at Mount Rushmore. I totally forgot to get video of Crazy Horse (Monument). So we are just going to do a quick video.”

The finale is 13 seconds from the Avenue of Flags at the entrance of Mount Rushmore. I'm guessing they didn't want to pay the entrance fee.

This couple's travel review of their South Dakota visit ends with the gal recommending visiting the Mount Rushmore National Monument in the winter... ”because no one is there”. Wipe nose...fade to black.

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