Losing a loved one to cancer is absolutely devastating. But focusing on the memories you had with the person is essential to healing. That’s why Rory Feek created on a documentary about his late wife, Joey. To preserve the incredible memories they shared before her passing.

The country singer, who was in music duo Joey + Rory with his wife, had been filming the couple’s lifestyle on their farm in Tennessee for more than two years. To Joey, With Love was filmed using his iPhone, iPad and a Canon 70D.

Rory says he didn’t know exactly why he began filming he and his wife, but the footage documented important milestones the couple encountered. Included are Joey’s pregnancy and the birth of their daughter Indiana, Joey’s cancer diagnosis and her treatment, followed by her passing.

Never actually watching the footage he captured until later, he was happy that when he did, he could visualize her happy and healthy again. He said:

“When I started going through this footage, almost immediately I saw her again.”

Six months after Joey’s passing, Indiana is now 2 1/2. “I just want to make sure she’s always aware,” Rory says. “I’m always talking about Joey and I’m always including her.”

The couple’s 14th wedding anniversary would have been his June. On that day, Rory went to Joey’s grave and played the documentary he created as he wept.

“I can never get a grasp on what it will mean to others,” he says. I know what it means to me. I’m not trying to sell tickets, but trying to share my wife.”

Here's the official trailer:

Source: USA Today

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