It's, if not the most, certainly one of the most influential albums ever recorded in Texas. Robert Earl Keen's No. 2 Live Dinner, is not only the legend's best selling album ever, it is the quintessential collection of every REK song ever recorded.

The album gave us timeless versions of "Gringo Honeymoon," "Amarillo Highway," "The Road Goes on Forever", and it doesn't end there. That album is probably the album I've listened to most in my life -- and the sequel is coming this November.

Recorded before an audience of 5,000, Keen tells Rolling Stone, "it was a really great night. It’s a good cross section of my songs and my friends singing my songs. For instance, Lyle and I sang 'This Old Porch,' Bruce Robison sang 'No Kinda Dancer,' and Cory Morrow sang 'I'll Go On Downtown.’" Fittingly, the set closes with Ely and Keen singing Keen’s classic “The Road Goes on Forever.”

Live Dinner Reunion Track Listing:

1. "Tell It Like It Is" (With Cody Canada)
2. "Feelin' Good Again"
3. "Gringo Honeymoon"
4. "State of Thanks Address"
5. "I Gotta Go"
6. "Lucky Weather"
7. Intro Lyle Lovett and "This Old Porch"
8. "T for Texas" (with Lyle Lovett)
9. "Write a Drinking Song"
10. "Hot Corn, Cold Corn"
11. "Cory's Story"
12. "I'll Go on Downtown" (with Cory Morrow)
13. "Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas" (with Mark Patterson & Bryan Duckworth)
14. "On the Money" (with Bruce Robison)
15. "No Kinda Dancer" (with Bruce Robison)
16. "Boys in the Band"
17. "Shade of Gray"
18. "Deliverance Dry Cleaning"
19. "Ninety-Nine Years for One Dark Day"
20. "Amarillo Highway"
21. "Wild Wind" (with Cody Braun)
22. "Merry Christmas From the Fam-O-Lee"
23. "Corpus Christi Bay"
24. "Lonely Feelin'" (with Cody Canada)
25. "Grateful Cred"
26. "The Road Goes on Forever" (with Joe Ely)

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