In 2016 Kreskin J. Torres, aka 'The Ride Share Foodie' embarked on a cross country exploit. Kreskin, as he puts it, is “ a 32-year-old Baltimorean and Army Veteran and a huge foodie".

Torres's goal is to travel to all 50 states and try their food and experience their culture and funding the adventure by operating as a Uber or Lyft driver. Kreskin explains his reason for doing this is to "experience what I call true America. I can pick up and ask the locals where to find the good eats and blog about it.”

Kreskin refers to himself as an Influencer & Food Blogger. Soon he will be blogging about Sioux Falls and sharing his impressions of our city with his followers.

Kreskin posted on Facebook: "Good morning Sioux Falls! I'm a food blogger from Baltimore. I'm driving across America supporting local businesses. I will be visiting in May for my drive to Alaska. SD will make my 47th state. Any recommendations? Please and thank you. Fun fact: I don't like cheese (pizza) is the exception lol. My Favorite: Chili and Cinnamon Rolls or a nice bone-in steak."

If you'd like to make a suggestion of a great local area eatery you can do so on Kreskin J. Torres Facebook page.

The Sioux Falls area has lots of great places to eat! I hope he plans to spend a few days here.

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