We spent a lot of time last week on The Patrick Lalley Show talking about and with Rich Show in advance of the release of his retrospective "That was the Future, This is the Past."

The release concert/party/reunion on Saturday was a great time. I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time, which is always fun.

Also, the album -- a double vinyl with 41 song download -- is great. Thanks to local label Different Folk Records for producing a quality product. I was honored to help out in a small way.

But the takeaway from the interviews and concert and conversation was that Rich isn't done yet. Even after 40 years of writing and performing, he's just as driven and fresh and vital as he always was.

That doesn't mean it's a Violet reunion. He's working with the Working Poor line-up and has already recorded a new album with Red Leaves. That's fantastic news if you're a fan of Rich and local music more generally. There's a bunch of talented young musicians out there. But I like the fact that Rich is still showing them what it means to be an artists.

I'd also forgotten how much I like the Working Poor approach, in which Rich often plays accordion, leading a roiling, rowdy, gypsy and celtic infused approach that is really fun.

It's been truly satisfying to grow with Rich's music in my life. And I'm thrilled that we're going to keep going forward together.

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