The Lone Ranger is set to hit theaters Wednesday.  The movie stars Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto.

The critics don't seem to care for the movie. Here's what a few are saying about the movie.

  • Let's be clear: this is a terrible film by any standards," HitFix critic Drew McWeeny wrote in his review."Overlong, with a script that reads like a notes session no one ever organized into something coherent, and totally confused about what audience it supposedly plays to, 'The Lone Ranger' is grim, ugly, and deeply unpleasant."
  • "By the film’s climax — which juggles several high-peril situations aboard two criss-crossing locomotives, including the sight of Reid riding his 'spirit horse,' Silver, atop a train — what began as an elegantly epic, potentially realistic retelling of the Lone Ranger legend has devolved into Wile E. Coyote-style cartoon shenanigans," wrote Variety critic Peter Debruge.
  • "Imagine Christopher Nolan casting Joan Rivers as Alfred in the 'Dark Knight' movies so she could follow around Batman and make jokes about his ridiculous outfit,"  TheWrap critic Alfonso Duralde said.

While it may not be the typical Lone Ranger and Tonto from my childhood days, I'm hooked by the movie trailer and the fact that Johnny Depp always plays an intriguing character in all of his movies.  I'm going to give The Lone Ranger a chance.


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