In South Dakota and any state in the country, you would think that a funeral would be a sacred and peaceful time to pay tribute to someone you know or who was close to you. This person may have been a relative, coworker, neighbor, or friend.

Even if you haven't a connection to that person, what is the right thing to do when you see a funeral procession? Yes, you pull over and let it pass out of respect for them and the mourners.

Standing outside a funeral service chanting obscenities, and with signs held high only to interrupt this final sendoff is not the way to go. Lining the street with the same actions is actually against the law.

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Some may call it disturbing the peace. Others might say it's just downright rude. But, here in South Dakota, it is defined by the State Legislature.

Breach Of The Peace - Picketing of funeral services. No person may engage in any act of picketing at any funeral service during the period from one hour before the scheduled commencement of the funeral services until one hour after the actual completion of the funeral services. Any violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor. Each day on which a person violates this section constitutes a separate offense.

If charged and found guilty you may be subject to fines, damages, and attorney fees.

Go ahead, and ask yourself, "what was the first thing you did when you saw a funeral procession coming down the street?"

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