Today is one of the sadder days to reflect on in recent country music history. Not only did we lose country legend, Don Williams on this day in 2017, but the very same day Troy Gentry unexpectedly and tragically died in a helicopter crash in Medford, New Jersey. In an instant, one of the best country duos (Montgomery Gentry) of this century was ended, and the world lost a talented and entertaining individual.

Montgomery Gentry got their start in Kentucky, where both Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery grew up. In those early days, they formed a band with Eddie's little brother and another future country legend, John Michael Montgomery.

When John left for a solo career in the early '90s the duo decided to stay a duo for good, although it was originally under a different name. Their first name was Deuce. Eventually, towards the end of the decade, they simplified it to just Montgomery Gentry. The two signed with Columbia Records in 1999 and would soon dominate the country charts.

The 2000s proved to be the most important year for success for the group. The duo released six albums and a Greatest Hits release in that span of time and had over 20 hit singles. They hit number one on the charts five times with songs like If You Ever Stop Loving Me, Back When I Knew It All, and Lucky Man.

Gentry had just finished recording a number of songs with his partner just days before his death and the album Here's To You was released in early 2018. These days, Eddie Montgomery continues to tour under the Montgomery Gentry name as a solo act.

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