McDonald's. They've been around forever.

Well, at least 'forever' for a lot of us. They began back in 1940 in California, and those familiar arches you see above were first seen in 1953. So yeah, for most of us they've been around forever.

But not so for some of their menu items.

Now, I'd say there's a real good chance you've enjoyed a Big Mac a time or two (or dozens of times). Of course you've pulled into the drive-thru and left with a burger of some sort and those delicious McDonald's fries. There's a ton of choices on the menu.

But perhaps only a certain number of us have tried the Triple Double Burger...after all, it was introduced in 1995. And discontinued in 1995.

Ever try the McPizza? It was introduced in 1989 and...didn't last. Speaking of that famous Arch pictured up there, the Arch Deluxe Burger didn't become quite as was discontinued not long after its introduction in 1996. The Fish McBites didn't fair any better.

The McSalad Shakers hung around for a few years, but by 2003 they were gone, too.

Not everything clicks I guess. I'd say that's true about a lot of things, not only in business, but in life. But who knows, maybe some of those items will make a return in some form. Cosmopolitan has the story that includes those items along with some others. In the meantime I gotta run.

I'm heading to McDonald's for a burger, fries and small shake. No topping please.

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