In 2020, a young rogue stalk of corn growing in the concrete at 57th and Minnesota defied all odds of growing. It became hope for the city during a rough year for all and became a star. People were taking selfies with it, street musicians were showing up to play, and it had it's own Twitter account. Then it was abruptly uprooted by a corn thug. But, it had a happy ending. The Theisen family in Sioux Falls rescued it and nursed it back to life in a bucket and found its forever home at City Hall.

Call it a reinCORNation. (Thanks @RandiKayMurphy...that's brilliant!) Another rogue stalk of corn seems to have popped up. This one by the Cliff Avenue Greenhouse along West 41st. Street. It's already got a response from Mayor Ten Haken on Twitter saying, "Resilience: We must protect it."

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Nothing can bring a community together like curb corn. Let's hope this rogue little fella can make it and give us a few kernels of hope for the future.

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