On Monday, we showed you that viral video of a truck being caught in a tornado funnel in Elgin, Texas.

We are seeing and learning more about the damage and the driver of that truck, and his experience is nothing short of a miracle.

According to the Elgin Police Department, the driver of the truck only had minor injuries. He walked (drove) away with only scrapes on his arm. That is remarkable considering he was thrown around in a tornado in a metal box. Also, the driver is only 16 years old. What a terrifying thing for a new driver to go through.

We are also seeing photos of the truck following the accident, and once again, it's surprising to see the lack of major damage.

Much like the driver, there's only cosmetic damage to the truck. I don't think I have ever seen someone so fortunate in this type of situation. When I first saw the video, it reminded me of a scene in 'Twister' -- minus the cow, but just as scary.

Severe weather across the south continued on Tuesday through Louisiana, including a deadly tornado that ripped through the Ninth Ward area of New Orleans, killing one man and injuring dozens.

I have always said that mother nature is a literal force. You can't stop it, avoid it, or mess with it. I am so glad this driver of the truck is okay, considering people were killed in their homes. I'm sure he will not forget this accident for a long time.

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