Reba McEntire continues to deliver on her promise that her upcoming record, Stronger Than the Truth, will be her most country yet with a haunting new song, "In His Mind."

Keeping the production simple with a piano, fiddle and steel guitar, McEntire's voice shines on the heartbreak ballad that tells the story of a man who can't let go of a woman who is gone. He still has memories of her scattered throughout the house, between a photo of the two on the mantle and her favorite tea cup sitting on the table.

The cry of the fiddle and the country legend's pristine vocals evoke the emotion of the melancholy lyrics, "In his mind / She'll be home any day now / He can't see her leaving him behind / In his mind / She'll find her way back somehow / He won't turn off the light / She'll keep on burnin' bright / In his mind."

In a video that takes fans inside the studio when McEntire recorded the song, she says "In His Mind" got a strong response from her mother and her siblings, Pake and Alice, with her brother Pake particularly connecting to the song. Pake has had a country recording career of his own.

"Pake said, 'Wow, this is a great song,' and I told him where I got the idea and he said, 'Wow, Reba, I didn't know you could do that.' So getting that kind of a compliment from my brother really meant a lot," she says emotionally.

"In His Mind" is the latest release off the country icon's upcoming album. She's also shared the title track and swing-infused number "No U in Oklahoma." Stronger Than the Truth drops on April 5.

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