I love March Madness!  Every year I absolutely love filling out the bracket and following the NCAA tournament from start to finish.

My hat is off to both the SDSU men and women.  They gave me another exciting reason to follow the tournament this year! It was fun to see Nate Wolters is on the CBS Sports website. It was a nice surprise and all part of the fun. Congratulations to Scott Nagy, Aaron Johnson and the players.  I know you will represent South Dakota and Kickin' Country admirably.

Another reason I'm excited is the fun of the Million Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge. While I can't win the million dollars since I'm an employee of Results Radio, I can still have the fun of filling out the brackets online and playing with you.

Go ahead.  Take a shot at winning one million dollars.  If nothing else, let's have some fun together and see how close we can come to correctly picking the games.  You can go online now and fill out your bracket!