If you were one of the lucky people to be stuck inside on Tuesday afternoon, smack dab in front of the tube, trying to stay out of this arctic deep freeze, you may have caught a fellow South Dakotan playing on TV game show?

KSFY TV is reporting that Melissa Wick of Rapid City was a contestant on the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" which aired Tuesday afternoon, (January 29) on KSFY.

The nationally syndicated game show, hosted by Chris Harrison gives contestants the opportunity to become a millionaire by tackling a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions become increasing difficult as one moves closer to the grand prize. Contestants are given three lifelines to use along the way to help them come up with the correct answer to questions. However, should a contestant answer a question incorrectly, he or she will be eliminated from the game and will only win the amount of money tied to the last question they answered correctly.

In Wick's case, that's what happened to her.  She didn't walk away with the million dollar prize, but according to KSFY, she did take home $5000 cash. 

Wick, who claims to be the clumsiest person she knows, unfortunately, did get tripped up on the $7000 question on her way to the big money grand prize. 

KSFY TV airs episodes of "Who Want to Be a Millionaire" weekday afternoons at 2 PM and again at 2:30 PM.

Source: KSFY TV

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