Over in western South Dakota, a Rapid City Police officer decided to multi-task and drop off some pizzas to a resident.

A Rapid City, South Dakota police officer recently delivered a pizza to a customer after arresting her Doordash delivery driver. Brandon Thompson stopped the deliveryman because he had a felony warrant out for his arrest.

Thompson and his K-9 delivered the pizza to Shareece Tatum. After the arrest was made and the car was towed, Officer Thompson and his K9 partner tracked down the intended recipient of the interrupted delivery and made sure they still got their food.

Sareece posted on her Facebook page, “My order was like late and we watched the tracker, and the driver like was driving everywhere and then just stopped for a really long time. I started a complaint with DoorDash and while they were helping me a police officer called ma and was like … so did you order pizza?

The Driver gave him the wrong address. And the cop felt bad that we didn't have our food so saw my name on the side of the box, called me, made sure of our address, and brought it to us. I am laughing so hard!”

Officer Thompson did apologize if the pizza was a little colder than expected and promised they'll work on getting her a fresh pizza to make up for it!

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