My typical Sunday night ritual is fold clothes, get a few things ready for work on Monday and watch Food Paradise on the Travel Channel. There's usually a whole marathon of shows on Sunday.

While I was doing some work on my laptop with the show on in the background, I heard "you gotta come to Rapid City." I immediately looked up to see the show had featured one of Rapid City's restaurants on their "Happy Hour" episode.

Food Paradise is one of my favorite shows and I record the new episodes, so I was able to rewatch it.

The show featured chef and owner Tony DeMaro of Murphy's Pub and Grill talking about the history of the restaurant and showcasing the signature buffalo meatloaf sandwich which features ground buffalo, pork, and beef. He said the chairs in the bar were designed specifically to sit on for four hours at a time, making those pretty comfy chairs to take a load off during happy hour. Downstairs they have a prohibition era style speak easy that you need a secret code to enter. The downstairs bar offers drinks made with moonshine.

One thing to note, the only time South Dakota was mentioned was at the end of the clip where a patron says to come to Rapid City, South Dakota. In the intro of the clip, the announcer only calls us "Dakota."

Murphy's Pub and Grill is located at 510 9th Street in Rapid City.

The show was filmed in June and premiered Sunday night, October 22 at 7:00 PM.  It reaired Monday morning at 2:00 AM. If you missed both of those, set your DVR for 1:00 PM Saturday, November 11.



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