Just when you thought summer was over, RaeLynn comes back with a last blast of heat in her new music video for “Tailgate.” 

In this nostalgic look back, the petite country singer-songwriter gives a fresh face to country music themes of daisy dukes, bare feet and, of course, tailgates. The song centers around RaeLynn pleading with the tailgate of her pickup truck not to spill the beans on her secret rendezvous. 

Tailgates have become a prop in so many country songs that it has become a much-maligned cliche, but it’s rare that we hear a female owning up to what happens on a moonlit summer night in the bed of an F-150 or Silverado. RaeLynn looks so preciously mischievous as she spills her secrets, she makes it seem a little less like a profession of guilt and a little more like a confession of fun. She also takes responsibility for her actions, leaving no room to question who may have incited the truck bed boogie. 

We frequently get to see this talented singer show off her impressive dance moves on her social media pages, so there was no need for a stunt double to give the video some texture. RaeLynn handles that just fine with her swivels, wiggles and gyrations, and fans who are familiar with her Instagram dances will even get a glimpse of the hilarious face she often makes. 

It’s especially wonderful when a song and video align so perfectly, so props to RaeLynn for creating such a feel-good lead-in to fall. Watch "RaeLynn's "Tailgate" video by clicking on the clip at the top of the page.

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