Trapping has a long tradition in South Dakota and is perfectly legal with the right licensing from GFP. But trapping in town is much more heavily restricted and there have been a couple of incidents recently that went outside the rules.

Sioux Falls Animal Control responded to two separate incidents where a member of the public reported finding traps. The first happened back on December 27 when coil spring traps and a cage trap were found along the riverbank in Dunham Park.

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On January 12, the second incident came when an injured animal was reported on East Regency Court. A raccoon was found with coil traps on both of its hands and had to be euthanized because of the injuries.

Trapping is allowed in the city of Sioux Falls, but only cage-style traps are allowed. Coil spring, snap, leg-hold, body-gripping, and "dog-proof" traps are not allowed. Anything that could kill or injure a targeted animal could also injure non-target animals and children.

The release from the Sioux Falls Police Department did say one very interesting thing. Whoever the traps belong to may claim them at the Law Enforcement Center downtown. I'm not sure if they are just trying to get the trapper's property back to them or if that is a ruse to catch and ticket the person who did it. I'm guessing no one shows up for the traps.

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