This past weekend our neighbors across the street received a couple loads of black dirt. Big loads. Work all weekend loads. Manual labor with wheel barrow loads. You get the picture.

Through the course of the weekend the piles slowly dwindled as they moved the black dirt into position around their home. As they got a little closer to finishing they realized they were going to have a pretty big pile in the street left over, so they did what any good neighbor would do. They put a sign on the pile that was still in the street and waited.

Within minutes, local neighbors showed up with interesting ways to carry dirt, free dirt to their house. One hard working gardener went with the idea of using a red sled. Great idea. Load it up and pull it over on the grass. Five gallon buckets seemed to be the next best form of transportation for dirt hauling.

One ambitious guy showed up with a garbage can. Now, when you pull your garbage out to the curb every week it's really not very heavy. But fill it half full of black dirt and that's a different story. The second time he showed up he filled it half full and had a helper along to help load it up.

Dirt is heavy. Dirt is dirty. Plain black dirt. America was built on it.

We wash it off clothes and off cars. We grow our crops and gardens in it. Our lawns wouldn't grow without it. If there was no dirt WE wouldn't be here. Dirt is a good thing. And for a few neighbors that picked up some FREE dirt this weekend, dirt was a cheap thing.